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Inspiration and motivation from Chris and Rob, getting lost in the decay of the piano. Big shout out to Bill Spector for keeping the gun to my head in finishing.


I came, saw and conquered everything around me.
Loves last endeavour made me fall, the fool.
And I don't want to fall anymore.

Certainties unsurfaced, feet caught within.
A noose that hangs, a devil's snare,
Snaps round my precious skin.
And there you were, caught by snow white light.
You overcame me, like this endless night.

The right to call, cos you never know
The help you'll need to get back home.
A guiding light to hold inside.
A torch to shine out against the darkest nights.

Sticks and stones will break my bones,
But words were not enough.
To keep me still, I'll wait until my eyes start to adjust.

And I hope like hell it all comes back around, because you wont.
And all that love I waste, its true!
I'll just not sit around and get old.


from LITTLE ALASKA, released March 4, 2016



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Live in the woods, talk to the trees, make music in the breaths in between.

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