Little Car

from by Little Alaska



Learning to trust in faulty rhythms, outside enthusiasm is key.


Little car, I'm breaking down.
Going nowhere, but still dreaming of leaving town.

I'm up on bricks, with the lights down low.
My bag is packed, but I've got no way to get up and go.

Only got myself to blame,
Added up all the mistakes,
It still worked out the same.
I'll be leaving soon my friends.

Wait for sun, wait all year.
Wait for something that won't get close, can't come near.

Sky grows dark, and the land goes cold.
So hold on to memories as if they were precious as gold.

In my mind I've seen the world,
But in truth its just TV
That's filling up my soul.
Is this what happens when you grow old?


from LITTLE ALASKA, released March 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Little Alaska UK

Live in the woods, talk to the trees, make music in the breaths in between.

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